Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Predicting the Future

13 Signs you might be psychic!

After I typed the title of this article, Loose Women came on ITV television in the UK and announced they were going to talk about the following ‘have you ever had a sense that you have been somewhere before?’ Do you have psychic powers? Well, after they announced this I felt compelled to watch the show further.

They talked about having psychic powers and it encouraged me to write about prediction. Somehow I have always felt that my writing was a prediction of something but that’s another story for another day.

Most people think they are psychic but don’t see it through and you could be one of them. If you think that you might be one of these people then read the signs below. I have at least a few of these signs in me. When I am writing, I sometimes feel I am guided to write my story and get it out there. Some writers experience this too. Have you ever felt your fingers type but your brain was being guided to write the words? I have and it’s a kind of freaky experience but after you have written the words you feel wonderful and empowered to do it again.

Predicting the future is something people with Psychic awareness can do. Have you ever felt like you’d been to the same place before? Have you felt strongly about something or felt it was about to happen?

If you have, then it could mean you have the ability to predict the future or something about it. You could have a feeling about a person or a place.

Check out the signs!

13 signs you could be psychic

If you can identify all of the signs below or nearly most of them, then you could be psychic.

  1. Bold, vivid dreams and the feeling of them happening in real life.
  2. Waking up in the middle of the night around 3 am or having a hard time getting to sleep and then staying asleep.
  3. Seeing shadows out of the corner of your eye when nothing is there.
  4. A connection to nature where it makes you feel calm.
  5. Seeing lights or auras around someone’s body or seeing floating orbs.
  6. Healing — Laying your hands on someone who is ill or in pain and seeing a positive change when they start to feel better. If so, then you have healing abilities.
  7. Higher levels of intuition ie, thinking of someone before they call or text.
  8. Experiencing deja vu many times.
  9. Having visions of future events ie, something happening within an hour or the next three days.
  10. Telepathy — feeling like you can read someone’s mind or mind to mind connection.
  11. Psychometry — Sensing or experiencing the history of a person or object by touching them or it.
  12. Sensing trouble ahead — A feeling of dread because someone you love is in trouble.
  13. Hearing sounds — hearing rings, chimes, or beeps that others cannot hear too.

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