Saturday 22 April 2023

The Psychic Lady Who Predicted the Pandemic

 A true story about a unique psychic lady that read futures in Greek coffee cups.

It was July 2019, a summer of joy for a 57-year-old woman called Lilly Ann.

Lilly Ann wanted to know her future, so she went to meet a psychic lady in a cafe, who read her future by staring into her Greek coffee cup.

The psychic held Lilly Ann’s cup peering deeply into it. Lilly Ann had recently drunk from the cup. Now the psychic believed she could tell her things about her future.

She told Lilly Ann

There’s a blackness in your cup and it’s a sign of great danger and death. A dark blackness will take hold and not just for you but for the world too.

Lilly Ann didn’t know what to say. Should she be angry or worried?

The lady spoke again.

The darkness is like nothing I have ever seen before. It’s as if you will not be doing or going anywhere for the foreseeable future! No one will! It’s a mess with a lot of deaths! It appears there’s a standstill or madness gone wild! A weird blackness will be falling upon us.

Lilly Ann stared blankly back at the lady not knowing how to react.

The lady continued.

The only other thing I see is a woman laying in a bed. She appears very ill as if she’s had surgery. It’s a terrible illness known to all women.

Lilly Ann asked,

Is that me?

The lady replied.

It is your cup so it must be you.

Three days later, Lilly Ann got a callback from the Breast Cancer team. They told her that she had stage three Breast Cancer.

She had a mastectomy and the lymph nodes under her arm were taken away because all of them were cancerous.

She had chemotherapy for six months and then radiotherapy for three months. Plus, she needed three years of Zoledronic acid, an intravenous treatment to prevent cancer from spreading to the bones.

Then the year 2020 arrived. The world is a mess and a Pandemic has taken place causing immense panic and worry.

No wonder Lilly Ann’s cup showed nothing but blackness, because it meant she would be confined to her home for a much longer period after her treatment.

The Pandemic occurred bringing everyone and everything to a standstill.

A blackness like the cup had revealed. Hitting the world with dread.

The psychic lady had known danger was coming! She foresaw a world standing still but not the number of deaths that would occur nor the isolation of madness that would storm the world.

The psychic lady had a unique mind and would go on to read other people’s fortunes in their Greek coffee cups. Happier blessings would start to show up in other cups. Things about the world too.

A flock of people started to queue up to see the psychic lady at the well-known cafe, all wanting to drink Greek coffee in the hopes that their fortune would be told.

The psychic lady became a sensation along with the cafe. She decided to write a book for all to learn her secret divination insights. One thing she could not do was tell her own fortune, but somehow she knew what was coming for herself as she felt it in her bones as a queer tremor of sorts. A rippling curl would make her skin quiver when something good was coming her way.

Note: This is a true story. This person exists but has asked to keep her identity unknown. More stories may be published about her.

©️ Denise Larkin 2022. All Rights Reserved.

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